Final Word from Monday, July 1, 2019

When Andrej Babiš speaks about Tomio Okamura and SPD, he chooses his words carefully. A minority one-party ANO government supported by the Communists and the Okamurists isn't on the table, he said in Blesk today, and if ČSSD leaves the government, early elections are the only alternative to the current coalition. Maybe the opposition won't want early elections, he added, and maybe somebody will change his mind about supporting ANO. Babiš isn't about to jump into the open arms of the "Nazis" from SPD, but he can't be entirely against being caught by them if his government is about to fall. If ČSSD does indeed leave, Babiš will likely remain at the helm of a reconfigured cabinet with Miloš Zeman's blessing. There won't be a new confidence vote. When the opposition calls a no-confidence vote, Babiš will ask for tolerance from ČSSD and ODS and then rant and rave when the Okamurists (and Communists) provide the needed abstentions to keep him in power. [ Czech Republic extremists early elections ]

Glossary of difficult words

helm - a position of leadership;

to rant and rave - to shout and complain angrily and at length;

abstention - an instance of declining to vote for or against a proposal or motion.


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