Final Word from Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Václav Klaus Institute regularly asks opinion leaders to write short responses to topical questions for its newsletter, and those who are invited to do so and consent are generally seen to be friends of the Institute. This doesn't mean they necessarily share its views, but it means they're not klausophobic. In the latest newsletter, three MPs are among the 12 outside contributors: Jaroslav Foldyna of ČSSD, Jiří Kobza of SPD and Jan Skopeček of ODS. Their parties also happen to be three of the main ones that could become the fishing ground for Václav Jr.'s new movement, Tricolor. Do the math. ANO and KSČM together have 93 MPs. This means that if ČSSD eventually leaves the cabinet and ANO continues to refuse to rely on SPD, Andrej Babiš will need eight more MPs to survive a confidence vote. Tricolor currently has two MPs. If Klaus Jr. could supply six more, he could become the kingmaker. By the way, where will Antonín Staněk land after ČSSD expels him? [ Czech Republic Trikolóra Sr. klausophobia Communists Communist Party ]

Glossary of difficult words

topical - (of a subject) of immediate relevance, interest or importance owing to its relation to current events;

to consent - to give permission for something to happen;

fishing ground - an area in a body of water where fish congregate and fishing is usually good;

kingmaker - a person who brings leaders to power through the exercise of political influence.


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