Final Word from Monday, July 15, 2019

If ČSSD's top leadership votes this afternoon to leave the coalition government, the decision will compete in terms of bizarreness with Bohuslav Sobotka's "non-resignation" in May 2017. ČSSD would be leaving the government three days after achieving the first half of its constitutional demand on Pres. Miloš Zeman but before knowing whether the second half was going to be met. ČSSD would be a rebel without a cause. Here are the facts: First, Zeman ultimately conformed to the Constitution on Fri. by acceding to remove Antonín Staněk as culture minister on July 31. Second, Zeman made no commitment one way or the other about Michal Šmarda as Staněk's replacement. Third, whether Zeman is in violation of the Constitution with regard to Šmarda won't be apparent until after Staněk is gone. Fourth, ČSSD never officially invoked the mediation procedures required under the coalition agreement in the event of a dispute with ANO. Summa summarum, if ČSSD left the government today, it would be the only one committing a contractual or constitutional violation, not Zeman, and not Babiš. [ Czech Republic violating resignation departure ]

Glossary of difficult words

buster - someone or something that busts or breaks an agreement;

rebel without a cause - a person who is dissatisfied with society but does not have a specific aim to fight for;

to accede - to agree to a demand, request or treaty;

to invoke - to put into legal effect or call for the observance of;

summa summarum - the ultimate result.


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