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Anyone can file a criminal complaint against anyone, but an investigative commission has this prerogative written into the rules of parliamentary procedure, which gives such a decision more gravitas. The targets of the OKD commission, as relayed this morning by Czech Radio, are ex-Finance Min. Bohuslav Sobotka and ex-Industry Min. Milan Urban (both ČSSD). They should have monitored the entire privatization process, according to Commission Chair Lukáš Černohorský of the Pirates. OKD is a ČSSD a.s. affair, and not so much ČSSD itself, which means it can hurt the ability of the anti-Babiš coalition to win the next elections and form a government. The Pirates are an ad-hoc ally with ANO, KSČM and SPD in this respect. As such, it's in the interest of these parties to ask aloud as people prepare to protest again in favor of a fair justice system why the amateur sleuths in Parliament were able to identify OKD crimes that eluded the heralded independent prosecutors. [ Czech Republic state prosecution coal mines mining party minister PM ]

Glossary of difficult words

sleuth - a detective;

prerogative - a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class;

gravitas - dignity, seriousness or solemnity of manner;

to relay - to broadcast;

ad hoc - created or done for a particular purpose as necessary;

to elude - to fail to be attained by someone;

heralded - acclaimed; praised.

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