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When Andrej Babiš was charged by the police in the Stork's Nest case in Oct. 2017, the prime minister was Bohuslav Sobotka. The interior minister was Milan Chovanec, who was also acting chairman of ČSSD. (Sobotka had resigned on June 15.) Chovanec was being advised at the interior ministry by founding Partner Miloš Růžička of Bison & Rose PR agency, whose clients included ČEZ, Czech TV and Zdeněk Bakala. The police president was Tomáš Tuhý, who had been appointed by Chovanec and who oversaw the controversial police reform. The deputy head of the ÚZSI foreign-intelligence agency was another Chovanec hire, Zdeněk Blahut. A day before Babiš picked up his criminal charges, the anonymous Twitter account Julius Šuman released internal HSBC bank documents that became key evidence. Now that the guard has been changed, the question is, who wanted Babiš to be charged? The police and the prosecutors? Or Milan Chovanec and his people? [ Czech Republic Television public relations PM ]

Glossary of difficult words

legacy - something left or handed down by a predecessor;

to spoil - to diminish or destroy the value or quality of;

hire - a person who is hired;

guard - (in this context) a body of soldiers serving to protect or watch a place or person.

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