Final Word from Thursday, October 10, 2019

On May 31 of this year, Zdeněk Bakala's Hospodářské noviny released a leaked, incomplete copy of the EU Commission's 71-page draft audit of Andrej Babiš's possible conflict of interest. Two days later, Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman appeared on national TV and declared that although he had only breezed through the draft audit, there could be reason in it to suspect criminal behavior. It's been five months, and no charges have been filed. On Oct. 8 of this year, the parliamentary investigative commission into the privatization of OKD released a 52-page report that makes the case for filing numerous criminal complaints regarding the coal mines and apartments. Pavel Zeman hasn't said a single word. True, none of the people named in the criminal complaints are active politicians, so Zeman might not feel the urge to intervene as quickly this time. The longer he remains silent, the more it will appear that one of his assignments has been to legalize OKD's privatization. [ Czech Republic preliminary Czech Television OVM HN ]

Glossary of difficult words

incomplete draft audit - the last page is missing;

to breeze though - to skim; to review quickly;

to make the case for - to give reasons for taking a certain course of action.

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