Final Word from Monday, October 14, 2019

Cardiff Law Prof. Jiří Přibáň resigned last week from Charles Univ.'s Honorary Alumni Council because of a Kč 1.5m gift to the school from PPF's Home Credit (since rescinded). Přibáň said that the school was losing its moral credibility by joining forces with the consumer lender. Yet Přibáň serves on the sup. board of the Sekyra Foundation. Before finding God and Havel, second-tier oligarch Luděk Sekyra was most famous for his work with assassinated underworld boss František Mrázek. Dir. Jakub Janda of European Values also criticized the university's arrangement with Petr Kellner, yet Janda accepted sponsorship money from Martin Roman's pals at Škoda Transportation after they were convicted in Switzerland of fraud, money-laundering and other crimes. Janda has also indirectly taken money from Zdeněk Bakala, whose moral credibility was officially questioned by Parliament. Taking the moral high ground is tricky when you're also in bed with the devil. [ Czech Republic American Friends of the Czech Republic ČEZ ]

Glossary of difficult words

to rescind - to revoke, cancel or repeal (a law, order or agreement);

to take the moral high ground - to consider that one's policies and actions are morally superior to the policies and actions of others;

tricky - (of a task, problem, etc.) requiring care and skill because of being difficult or awkward.

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