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An educated, informed Czech can live his or her entire life without encountering a single hint of the role of the United States in the signing of the Munich Agreement. Yet the historical facts are easily documented; it's just that recalling them is seen as an inconvenient truth. It's easier to blame everything on Edvard Beneš, Neville Chamberlain and of course Adolf Hitler. Just 15 hours after the accord was signed, Franklin D. Roosevelt celebrated it as a "great success" and a "wonderful service" of U.S. diplomacy. The mood in Washington, according to the New York Times that day, was one of "greatest gratification ... over the peaceful outcome of the Munich conference." The newspaper added that, "Czechoslovak suggestions that President Roosevelt might mediate any differences in the situation fell on deaf ears." The "wonderful" Munich Agreement gave Czechs 10 days to leave the Sudetenland. Turkish Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan is giving Kurds 11 days to leave northern Syria. [ Czech Republic America Turkey Germany United Kingdom ]

Glossary of difficult words

gratification - pleasure, esp. when gained from the satisfaction of a desire;

to fall on deaf ears - to be ignored.

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