Final Word from Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Who is this third man, who ran over Andrej Babiš, figuratively speaking, helped cart him to the side of the road, and took his place as the second-richest Czech in two of the recent wealth rankings? Who is this king of bonds, who makes or builds almost nothing but who creates profits out of acquiring and revaluing properties, some of which he pays for, some of which he doesn't? Who is this "racketeer" who holds €1bn in cash but who could lose three times more if a U.S. court agrees that he is a corporate raider, not a reliable friend or investor? Who is this multibillionaire, who transfers his wealth to his mother to avoid paying anything to his ex-wife in a way that even Marek Dospiva of Penta calls the "height of repulsiveness"? He's Radovan Vítek, now the largest private landowner in Prague 7, thanks to a secret agreement with another billionaire, Daniel Křetínský. Only Petr Kellner is now richer than Vítek, and it irritates the hell out of him that you've never even heard of him. [ Czech Republic development institutional United States racketeering PPF ]

Glossary of difficult words

to cart - to carry (a heavy or cumbersome object) somewhere with difficulty;

racketeer - a person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent business dealings;

repulsiveness - the state of being intensely distasteful or disgusting.

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