Final Word from Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman missed his chance on Sat. to become the hero of the Letná 2 demonstration organized by Million Moments for Democracy and instead became one of its indirect targets. All Zeman had to do was override the decision of his subordinates to halt the Stork's Nest proceedings against PM Andrej Babiš and order an indictment. Instead, the organizers worded their protest in such a way that Zeman will in effect become a co-conspirator along with Babiš, Justice Min. Marie Benešová and the two lower-level prosecutors if he decides that there is no legal reason to reopen the case. Chair Mikuláš Minář of Million Moments previewed the event on Sat. by telling Seznam last week that, in his opinion, there are serious reasons for the Stork's Nest case to go to court. Pavel Zeman can of course still live up to the expectations of Minář and the other protesters. He can go to war with Babiš and risk being removed. Yet if he decides against this for whatever reason, whether legal or political, it might ironically be the Million Moment organizers who start calling for his removal. [ Czech Republic judiciary ]

Glossary of difficult words

to override - to use one's authority to reject or cancel (a decision, view, etc.);

to preview - to comment on (a forthcoming event).

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