Final Word from Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The BIS counter-intelligence agency issued its hardest-hitting annual report ever yesterday. "Russian and Chinese intelligence activities interfered in the areas of politics, diplomacy, espionage, the economy and the information battle," it stated. "Another important topic was the risks posed by the economic activities of entities linked to a foreign power using these entities to promote its political and strategic goals.... Authoritarian countries by their very nature are able to apply their influence more effectively in private companies. Such countries are able if necessary to force these companies through the use of many formal and informal instruments to suppress their own economic interests and to give priority to the political, military or intelligence goals of the state in question. These goals could however be in serious conflict with the interests of the CR." Unless such words are only meant to scare the public, it's hard to see why BIS should not follow through by raising the issue with the Czech cabinet and foreign partners (including the CIA) of whether PPF should be allowed to buy TV Nova. [ Czech Republic CETV CME Russa China media AT&T Time Warner ]

Glossary of difficult words

hard-hitting - strikingly effective in force or result;

to suppress - to prevent or inhibit (a process or reaction);

to follow through - to continue an action or task to its conclusion.

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