Final Word from Monday, January 6, 2020

When Donald Trump visits one of the main military states that he must win in Nov., including Texas and North Carolina, he invariably sends a seemingly contradictory message. First, that he is rebuilding the U.S. military and increasing the defense budget. Second, that he is bringing home the sons and daughters of his potential voters in these key states and ending the endless wars. When he visited Fayetteville, NC, on Sept. 9, he told his supporters that, "We've taken care of the great people that work in our military." Soldiers from nearby Fort Bragg are now being deployed in the aftermath of the killing in Iraq of Iranian Gen. Kasem Suleimani. For Trump's campaign strategy to be successful in the case of Iran, he will need to show that he is "defending our sovereignty and reclaiming our dignity as a nation," but without putting Fort Bragg's soldiers at great risk. The coming months will show to what extent skeptical Czech politicians have grasped Trump's "winning" strategy. [ Czech Republic rally United States of America general army armed forces ]

Glossary of difficult words

invariably - always; in every case or on every occasion;

aftermath - the consequences or after-effects of a significant unpleasant event;

to grasp - to comprehend fully.

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