Final Word from Thursday, January 23, 2020

When MP David Rath was arrested in May 2012, ČSSD had a CVVM election rating of 37%. By the time Bohuslav Sobotka resigned as party chairman in June 2017, ČSSD's rating had fallen to 12%, its lowest since CVVM started its measurement. ČSSD was nearly destroyed by the criminal interests that we call ČSSD a.s. We first included Czech TV among these interests in the Final Word on June 23, 2016. What was mainly the domain then of whispers is now becoming the subject of official discussion. Vadim Petrov, a member of the RRTV broadcast council, told Parlamentní listy that a few people on the hill have "privatized the Kč 7bn public budget and react to criticism by screaming hysterically about an attack on media independence, at attempt at nationalization and a threat to democracy." It's harder to measure the development at ČT, but its road to ruin is following a very similar path to that of ČSSD. The "a.s." should have been taken out of Česká televize long ago. [ Czech Republic Television Kavčí hory joint-stock company privatization ]

Glossary of difficult words

a.s. - akciová společnost (joint-stock company); officially, Czech TV is a public institution.

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