Final Word from Wednesday, February 19, 2020

If good or bad things always come in threes, the past few days have provided two of them. Everyone noticed yesterday that the Constitutional Court upheld the parts of the conflict-of-interest law that relate to Andrej Babiš as the Czech prime minister and to Agrofert's business activities. This was very good news for some, and bad news for others. One day earlier and to less media scrutiny, Pavel Zeman announced in Právo that 10 years is about enough as supreme state prosecutor and that he wants to move on soon to something else. Whether this was his way of setting the stage for his own monumental decision in the Stork's Nest matter is something only he knows. It wouldn't look so good, though, if he decided against indicting Babiš and soon thereafter accepted a new position requiring the cabinet's approval or blessing. Million Moments might take to the streets in protest. If, on the contrary, Pavel Zeman wanted to indict Babiš and then slam the door as he left his current position, it could theoretically become part of the most spectacular entry into a presidential race in Czech history. [ Czech Republic attorney general PM criminal indictment elections ]

Glossary of difficult words

monumental - of great importance, extent or size;

scrutiny - critical observation or examination;

to indict - formally to charge with a crime.


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