Final Word from Thursday, March 19, 2020

Taken literally, yesterday's government decree on the free movement of persons is the most restrictive one yet. Many media reported that, "The government banned leaving the home without a face mask," but this creates a false impression. The decree actually states that, "The movement and presence of anyone outside his or her place of residence without covering the respiratory functions (nose, mouth) ... is banned." This means that from the moment you leave the home to the moment you return, you are not allowed to remove your face mask, respirator, scarf or shawl. Your face and mouth must remain covered in the car and at work. There can be no smoking, eating or drinking of anything outside the home. You can't even do this when you visit someone else in his or her home. Making love will be particularly unpleasant for some. If both (or all) participants are at home, no mask is required. But if someone comes around for a quickie, he or she must by law wear a face covering. [Czech Republic coronavirus virus ]

Glossary of difficult words

quickie - a brief act of sexual intercourse.


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