Final Word from Monday, March 23, 2020

More than 100 politicians, diplomats, reporters, firefighters, police officers and ground personnel gathered at Prague Airport on Fri. to welcome the arrival of medical supplies from China. Three cabinet ministers were in the crowd, including PM Andrej Babiš, and they came into direct contact with a person from the country that is the origin of the coronavirus, Chinese Amb. Zhang Jianmin. This came just as Dep. Health Min. Roman Prymula was threatening to shut down all non-essential economic activity in the country if people didn't stop gathering in small groups, even though actual violations of the state of emergency are the exception. Babiš's government has enjoyed wide support so far, but the situation is now critical. If Babiš shows contempt for his own rules and then orders additional drastic measures that have the effect of destroying the livelihood of almost every person in the country, many of those who now support him will turn sharply against him. [ Czech Republic China ambassador ]

Glossary of difficult words

contempt - disregard for something that should be considered;

livelihood - a means of securing the necessities of life.


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