Final Word from Thursday, April 9, 2020

America First and Strong Czechia are slogans of bygone days. Now it's Health First. Politicians everywhere have proclaimed that no price can be put on a life. To drive this home, they've curtailed personal freedoms and brought the world to the edge of its biggest economic crisis since at least 1929. They're really, really serious about saving lives. The result in the CR is already apparent. Health Min. Adam Vojtěch had his Mission Accomplished moment yesterday. He declared that the uncontrolled spread of the virus has been halted and that we can now start preparing for the return to normal life. PM Andrej Babiš vowed in Parliament on Tues. that the cabinet is thinking every day from morning to night about how to protect the health of the people. When all is said and done and the numbers come in, Babiš will no doubt be able to boast that fewer people died this winter from infectious respiratory diseases than in earlier years. When people can't meet, they can't spread diseases, can they? Which means we need to get ready for a state of emergency every winter, because it's Health First, now and always. [ Czech Republic coronavirus healthcare ]

Glossary of difficult words

bygone - belonging to an earlier time;

to drive something home - to make something clearly understood by the use of repeated or forcefully direct arguments;

to curtail - to impose a restriction on; to reduce in extent or quantity;

when/after all is said and done - when everything is finished and things have settled.

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