Final Word from Monday, July 27, 2020

Health Min. Adam Vojtěch signed an order on Thur. for limiting the number of people at cultural, sports and religious events, but it was valid for just two days. And in all the bureaucratic excitement, he left in covid-19 boilerplate stating that if no measures were imposed, he couldn't rule out that the number of infected people could reach the millions, that hundreds of thousands of people might have to be hospitalized, and that tens of thousands of people could die. In two days? Sure, it was meant as a general justification for all such measures, and an open-ended ban with the same boilerplate immediately followed, but still, shouldn't the minister quit spreading such panic? Before he issued the order, there were only 20 people in serious covid-19 condition in the CR. Perhaps all a calumniator or conspiracy theorist will have to do now to avoid prosecution is to say that he or she "cannot rule out" his or her outrageous claim, and then point to Vojtěch's example. [ Czech Republic coronavirus special extraordinary ]

Glossary of difficult words

boilerplate - standardized pieces of text for use as clauses in contracts or as part of a computer program;

open-ended - having no predetermined limit or boundary;

calumniator - one who makes false and defamatory statements.

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