Final Word from Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Under the guidance of the World Health Organization, Europe has decided to allow its international tourism industry to die. In the CR and many other European countries, the number of tourism-related commercial deaths (restaurants, bars, hotels, souvenir shops, travel agencies, transportation companies, etc.) that are linked to covid-19 will far exceed the number of human deaths attributed to the disease. The tyranny of the unpredictable is the most perfidious aspect of European policy. Tourists can never be sure that they won't suddenly be prohibited from visiting the travel destination of their choice, so they stay at home in droves. Greece is the latest country to raise the drawbridge to Czechs. Democracies couldn't ban their citizens from leaving, but the WHO's mantra of "test, test, test" is used instead to increase the number of "sick" people with no symptoms. Arbitrary criteria are then applied to prevent tourists from entering. Call it the Next Generation EU. [ Czech Republic European Union bankruptcies bankruptcy ]

Glossary of difficult words

perfidious - deceitful; treacherous;

in droves - in large numbers;

to raise/pull up the drawbridge - to stop people from coming into a country or entering an organization.

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