Final Word from Monday, August 17, 2020

Epidemiologist Roman Prymula left as deputy health minister on May 31, but as far as the public is concerned, the only real difference now is that he doesn't need a security clearance. He's still all over the media and still uses the same "epspeak" that has so much in common with the wordy, vague and ambiguous Fedspeak of central bankers. Prymula said last week that the virus has become weaker; he said in MFD today that it's not possible to say that it's weaker. He told Právo that "undisciplined" Czechs left the country and were covid positive, which he said led to restrictions for other travelers to Greece. Anyone who knowingly left the CR while positive should be arrested, but in epspeak, "undisciplined" people are those who adhere to the law but don't go above and beyond it. Prymula and other practitioners of epspeak criticize these law-abiding citizens but secretly love them, because they can always be blamed for any stricter measures imposed later on other law-abiding citizens. [ Czech Republic covid-19 coronavirus ]

Glossary of difficult words

epspeak - (our invention) the media language of epidemiologists;

to be all over (something) - to be present or visible;

wordy - used or expressed in rather too many words;

above and beyond - in excess of the expectations or demands.

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