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When Marie Benešová drafted an analysis last year for the Castle demonstrating that it is possible to order a criminal prosecution against someone, one of the case studies she apparently used was that of the arbitration between Škoda Transportation, represented by lawyer Radek Pokorný, and Czech Railways, represented by rival lawyer Karel Muzikář. According to ex-police detective Robert Šlachta, Pokorný wanted to extort Muzikář by using fake information and corruptible policemen. When Šlachta's ÚOOZ crime team found out, Pokorný "panicked" and pressured PM Bohuslav Sobotka to get rid of Šlachta. The allegedly corruptible policemen who allegedly created the fake information were indicted last week in the Bereta case by Senior Prague State Prosecutor Lenka Bradáčová. The person who stood above them in this, according to Šlachta, was not. Bradáčová should explain how it's possible for a criminal prosecution to be ordered without anyone doing the ordering. [ Czech Republic organized crime Weil Gotschal & Manges Wagner ]

Glossary of difficult words

to indict - formally to accuse of or charge with a crime;

to extort - to obtain (something) by force, threats or other unfair means;

corruptible - able to be made to do something dishonest or immoral.

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