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A person has every right to keep his or her sexual orientation to him- or herself, but if other people risk going to prison because someone isn't telling the truth about whom he or she shares a bed with, it's no longer a personal matter. One of the key issues in the criminal trial of Simona Kratochvílová, Miroslav Pelta and Miroslav Jansta is whether they violated ministerial policy to commit sports-subsidy fraud. If Kratochvílová, as a deputy minister, was acting on the instruction of the minister, Kateřina Valachová, it might not mean that no crime was committed, but it could broaden the scope of the activity to include Valachová and anyone advising her. Both Pelta and Jansta have said in no uncertain terms that Kratochvílová and Valachová were living in a lesbian relationship. This would greatly increase the probability of coordinated activity regarding the sports subsidies. Valachová vehemently denies this and claims that she and her "occasional" roommate had a work relationship. [ Czech Republic himself football soccer association ČUS lawyer Bison & Rose Jiří Bis Milan Chovanec education ]

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in no uncertain terms - very clearly and often unkindly.

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