Final Word from Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The CR is moving quickly back to authoritarian rule, and there is no political opposition to it. True, the non-governmental parties and the public media under their control are criticizing the ruling coalition for doing this or that too late or poorly, but there is no opposition to the gradual lockdown of society and the economy. There is no opposition to using pseudoscience, fake numbers and terror tactics that are tantamount to criminal behavior to enact one government order after another for restricting personal freedoms, education and business activity. There is no political opposition whatsoever to what Health Min. Roman Prymula and his foreign advisers are doing. You doubt our words? Parliament voted on a resolution yesterday from MP Jaroslav Faltýnek of ANO: Parliament supports the anti-epidemic measures whose purpose is to reduce the prevalence of covid-19, and it calls on citizens to adhere to them to the maximum. No one voted against it. There was, and is, no opposition. [ Czech Republic authoritarianism counter-epidemic restrictions Czech TV Television Radio ]

Glossary of difficult words

tantamount - equivalent in seriousness to; virtually the same as;

prevalence - the fact or condition of being widespread in a particular area or at a particular time;

to adhere to - closely to follow, observe or represent.

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