Final Word from Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Unlike in some other countries, Czechs have never been banned during the covid-19 lockdowns from walking their dogs. The same privilege hasn't always applied to their parents. Elderly Czechs and others who live in senior homes and similar facilities have been banned since Oct. 12 from leaving the premises. Those who like taking walks or being taken on them in a wheelchair have in some cases had to adopt a social-distancing version of what is seen in Vincent van Gogh's famous "Prison Courtyard/Prisoners' Round." This will now change. The cabinet agreed yesterday that as of tomorrow, the stay-at-home order will be lifted. Residents of the facilities will again be allowed to go on walks outside the grounds or even to leave for an extended period, such as to visit family over Christmas. However, seniors must have their nose and mouth covered when outside the rest home. Under yesterday's government order, they must wear FFP2 respirators or higher at all times. Even when they bathe or sleep; there are no exceptions. Ouch, not even dogs have such a strict cabinet-ordered muzzle requirement. [ Czech Republic curfew painting ]

Glossary of difficult words

stay-at-home order - a government restriction against leaving the home.

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