Final Word from Thursday, December 17, 2020

"You wanna save humanity, but it's people that you just can't stand," sang John Lennon, and that pretty much sums up the behavior of the covid elite. They are prepared to destroy far more lives than they save in defense of a covid ideology that is at its root similar to the Communism they deride. This makes them our People of the Year in a very negative sense. They aren't by any means only politicians. Just like under Communism, the strength and longevity of the system depends on the collaboration of multitudes of people from all walks of life who don't necessarily believe the ideology or propaganda but are more than willing to support it for reasons of career, profit or conformity. Few want to be labeled a subverter, dissident or denier. Every Western country mismanages covid in its own particular way. What unites them is their insistence on turning a manageable disease into the defining moment of our expiring civilization. The covid elite are the plague of 2020. [ Czech Republic coronavirus I don't wanna face it covid-19 ]

Glossary of difficult words

to deride - to express contempt for; to ridicule;

longevity - long life; long existence or service;

multitude - a large number of people or things;
walk of life - occupation or position within society;

subverter - someone who undermines the power and authority of (an established system or institution);

insistence - the fact or quality of insisting or demanding that something is the case or should be done;

to expire - to die.

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