Final Word from Monday, December 21, 2020

Health Min. Jan Blatný stressed the importance on Fri. of antigen testing. The purpose, he said, is to identify people who are infected with the coronavirus but don't know it, and to get them into quarantine. The way out of this situation, he said, is a vaccine. However, the Pfizer and Moderna trials tracked only how many people got sick with covid-19. There is no data on how many vaccinated people became infected but did not show symptoms. The key terminology in the Pfizer protocol is "observed" cases of covid. The effective rate of the vaccines is so high (94-95%) because only those participants who developed symptoms are counted. Blatný and the rest of the Western world are busy looking for all those who are capable of transmitting the disease, but the vaccine trials ignored them unless they actually got sick. Czechs will start to understand the extent of this fraud once the first vaccinated person is ordered into quarantine because he or she tested positive for the coronavirus. [ Czech Republic New York Times inoculation ]

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