Final Word from Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman was one of the poster children of the anti-Babiš movement. Million Moments for Democracy said in Dec. 2019 that its protests had made huge sense, because Zeman had not been removed by the ANO-led government. "Who knows what would have happened if we had not held our gatherings," it said. ČSSD Chair Jan Hamáček won points from Twitterdom by declaring that trying to remove Zeman was a red line that could not be crossed, otherwise ČSSD would leave the coalition. Yet Zeman's position started to weaken when he failed in July 2020 to take further action in the matter of Babiš's media ownership. And now, Zeman is facing the most serious situation of his 10 years in office because he intervened years ago on behalf of a friend. That's the media explanation. Zeman's real sin was not to carry through in helping to bring down Babiš. He betrayed the cause, and now he must pay. That's just the way liberal democracy works. [ Czech Republic Andrej MFD MF Dnes attorney general ]

Glossary of difficult words

not to deliver - to fail to meet the expectations of others;

poster child - a person or thing that epitomizes or represents a specified quality, cause, etc.

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