Final Word from Monday, March 15, 2021

The coronavirus is the smartest virus the Czechs have ever known. It went first for the epidemiologists, immunologists and evolutionary biologists and gave them a mind-changing viral load that turned the experts into viral agents dedicated to keeping the predator alive. The virus then started to raise hell every time the government's restrictions were about to expire, knowing that Andrej Babiš would listen to the experts and come up with new things that increased corona's control over society even more. The opposition, itself infected, vowed to do a much better job of shutting down society. Things have changed slightly since we wrote in Nov. that Václav Klaus Sr. was the only viable political opposition to the policies of the Babiš government. SPD and Tricolor have since stepped up their game, prompting Klaus to call for all of those who oppose the "nonsensical restrictions" to put aside their differences and to join forces. But this could only have a chance if the pandemic continued into the summer and fall. With the experts on its side, the smart­virus knows that one way or another, it's position is secure. [ Czech Republic covid-19 epidemiology Jr. ]

Glossary of difficult words

to go for someone - (in this context) to attack someone;

to raise hell - to make a noise or disturbance;

viable - capable of working successfully;

to step up one's game - to improve in some way, usually so that one can perform as well as others.


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