Final Word from Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Slovakia's government plans to ban its citizens from leaving the country for recreational purposes, subject to parliamentary approval. This is in reaction to complaints that people can't go from one district to another but are allowed to travel abroad. Similar complaints are being heard in Germany, where people can't book a hotel room over Easter but can go on vacation in Mallorca. A ban on recreational foreign travel couldn't happen here, lawyers told It would be unconstitutional, according to Jan Wintr of Charles University's law school. Unconstitutional or not, such a ban is already in effect for residents of the Cheb, Sokolov and Trutnov districts, which are under a strict health lockdown. By government decree on Feb. 11 and again on Feb. 14, residents of these districts are allowed to leave the areas for 11 strictly defined reasons. Leaving the country is not one of them. These residents are being denied their constitutional right, but no one seems to be bothered by it. [ Czech Republic restrictions Majorca restrictions ]

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