Final Word from Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 despite huge support from most of the national media and from election surveys that drastically overrated her position. The media and polls showed contrition immediately after the results came in but then adopted the same approach again with regard to Donald Trump's reelection bid. Trump of course lost the second time, probably due to his handling of covid-19. Czech TV and Czech Radio are now using a similar tactic against the government of ANO and ČSSD. The public media are making it clear that they don't want Andrej Babiš to remain. They are so convinced of the rightfulness of their cause that it can be heard in the tone of their voice. Václav Moravec opens almost every edition of OVM with criticism of the ANO-ČSSD government. And ČT's latest Kantar CZ poll gave the Pirates/STAN 34.0%, to ANO's 22.0%, for a spread of 12 percentage points. In contrast, the spread in the new Median poll is three points in favor of Pirates/STAN (27.5% vs. 24.5%). This will not end well for someone. The public media can only hope that covid hurts Babiš as much as it did Trump. [ Czech Republic Television United States presidential elections president ]

Glossary of difficult words

in for the kill - with the intention of completely defeating or destroying someone or something;

overkill - excessive use, treatment or action;

contrition - the state of feeling remorseful and penitent;

rightfulness - the state of being right; legitimacy;

spread - the difference between two rates or prices.


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