Final Word from Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Almost every Czech and Slovak child during the Communist period was a member of the Pioneer Organization of the Socialist Youth Movement. It was a leisure-time group that combined fun and games with well-planned indoctrination, all under the guidance of the Czechoslovak Communist Party. Members took an oath to work, study and live according to the Pioneer laws, so that they would be good citizens of their beloved country. Membership wasn't technically mandatory, but almost every child was part of it. Those whose parents objected, or were excluded for having a bad family profile, missed out on certain events and had limited study and career opportunities. Young Czechs who are now pioneers in mandatory testing at schools are in a similar situation. If their dissident parents refuse to send them to class because they don't want a little Chinese stick stuck up their nose, they miss out on their friends and school activities. But they will also miss out on the covid-19 indoctrination courses that the government and NGOs are no doubt planning. Some things in life return later in a new guise. [ Czech Republic allegiance pledge ]

Glossary of difficult words

guise - an external form, appearance or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something.

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