Final Word from Thursday, May 6, 2021

If we're not mistaken, the informal meeting tomorrow and Sat. of the heads of EU member states in Porto, Portugal, will be the first in-person meeting of the Council since Dec. 10-11. When PM Andrej Babiš returned from that Dec. meeting, he told Právo that there was talk at the Council about the biggest waves of the coronavirus coming in Jan. and Feb. He said this on Dec. 11, one week after stores and restaurants had been allowed to reopen. Restrictions were then gradually tightened in Dec. and Jan. The borders with Germany and other countries were closed, and the British mutation of the virus invaded the country. Now, just as restrictions are being eased again, Babiš and the other European leaders will be sitting around the table and talking about when the next waves will arrive. This comes just as the Indian mutation is taking the place of the petering out British variant. What will Babiš tell the press next week? That the biggest waves of the virus are coming in June and July? [ Czech Republic European Union Brussels covid-19 UK U.K. ]

Glossary of difficult words

to peter (out) - to decrease or fade gradually before coming to an end.


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