Final Word from Monday, May 17, 2021

According to the Million Moments for Democracy civic group, the Czech public administration "does the bidding of a few oligarchs, including the prime minister, and thereby ceases to fulfil its function." In sharp contrast, Million Moments supports the public prosecutors. It called a protest for Thur. in reaction to the resignation on Fri. of Supreme State Prosecutor Pavel Zeman and will demand the resignation of Justice Min. Marie Benešová, who Zeman said had put pressure on him. As we wrote in 2019, Pavel Zeman rode into town on a high horse, promising to get to the bottom of old privatization cases, but then he sat by as the clock ran out. Among the oligarchs who have benefited from his inaction are not only Andrej Babiš (Stork's Nest), but also Zdeněk Bakala (OKD), Martin Roman, Petr Kellner and Daniel Křetínský (ČEZ/Mibrag) and Radovan Vítek (CPI/Orco). Sadly, Pavel Zeman has done as much as anyone else over the past 10 years to advance Czech oligarchy. [ Czech Republic PPF EPH J&T prosecution ]

Glossary of difficult words

to do the bidding of - to do what one is asked or told to do, esp. by one in a position of power or authority;

high horse - an attitude of moral superiority;

to get to the bottom of - to determine the cause or source of something; to solve the mystery of something;

to advance - to make or cause to make progress.

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