Final Word from Monday, June 14, 2021

Health Min. Adam Vojtěch is concerned that new variants of the coronavirus will appear over the summer that are resistant to vaccines. This is why all schoolchildren will be tested in the fall, he said. Epidemiologist Petr Smejkal of MeSES speaks in a similar way, and his advisory group has published recommendations for achieving a maximum level of vaccination. Another prominent promoter of vaccines, Pres. Milan Kubek of the Czech Medical Chamber, wants to pull seniors out of their homes and deliver them to vaccination centers. Yet if Vojtěch's nightmare scenario comes true, what are the vulnerable people in society supposed to do? If possible vaccine-resistant mutations are reason enough to test all schoolchildren in the fall, aren't they also reason enough to put in place a plan for protecting the most vulnerable through prevention, available medication and testing? We weren't able to find a single word about this on the pages of the three institutions mentioned above. Instead, the vaccine pushers will no doubt use the new covid deaths to ramp up their campaign for a third dose of the magic mRNA serum. [ Czech Republic vaccination covid-19 Pfizer BioNTech ]

Glossary of difficult words

pusher - a person who too readily or forcefully promotes the use or purchase of a particular thing; a person who sells illegal drugs;

to ramp up - to increase the level or amount of something sharply;

serum - a liquid taken from an animal's blood and put into a human to fight an infection or a poison.


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