Final Word from Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Ex-Goldman Sachs banker Brendan Alper launched the Hater dating app in Feb. 2017 on the idea that people are attracted most by what they dislike. The app wasn't a success, which Fareed Zakaria of CNN said does not bode well for the new Israeli coalition. It seems unified by little more than a shared hatred of Benjamin Netanyahu, Zakaria said on his foreign-affairs show last week. A similar situation is forming in Czech politics, with a disparate "liberal" bloc ranging from the Pirates to the arch-capitalists of ODS hoping to hate Andrej Babiš out of power this fall. Babiš has gone on the offensive by attacking Pirates Chair Ivan Bartoš for not having a problem in 2009 with Europe becoming Muslim in 10-15 years. Babiš is targeting mainly the Pirates for now, but just like Netanyahu, he will no doubt also try to pick off one or more of the other "hate" parties. At some point, Babiš will ask ODS's center-right politicians if they really want to create a Muslim Europe with Bartoš. [ Czech Republic Israel application ANO STAN Spolu Together KDU-ČSL TOP 09 ]

Glossary of difficult words

to bode - to be a sign of a particular outcome;

to pick off - to shoot after singling out.


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