Final Word from Wednesday, June 23, 2021

War propaganda conducted over a number of years with the goal of convincing a reluctant population of the need of foreign engagement follows a standard format. It builds gradually and culminates with an outrageous act by the enemy that allows the government to make its case before the people. In contrast, war propaganda compressed into a period of just one or two years is best when conducted in ebbs and flows, with brief setbacks followed by partial successes, in a repeated pattern. On the Czech level, the Global War on Covid-19 is now in a lull, something like a summer armistice. Businesses are open, children are back in school, and people are having fun again. In the euphoria, little is being done to take effective precautions against another attack. Yet the war machine is already gearing up for Operation Delta against its own people, with predictable repercussions. Predictable, that is, for those who see the pattern and have a sense of the motivations behind it. [ Czech Republic coronarivus variant mutation ]

Glossary of difficult words

reluctant - unwilling and hesitant; disinclined;

ebbs and flows - a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth;

setback - a reversal or check in progress;

lull - a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity;

armistice - an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce;

to gear up - to equip or prepare oneself;

repercussions - unintended consequences of an event or action, esp. unwelcome ones.


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