Final Word from Thursday, August 26, 2021

On the surface, the ongoing debate about whether to recognize antibody testing as evidence of non-infectiousness is meaningless, because the covid establishment has made it clear that this will never happen, regardless of whatever scientific justification there might be for it. Health Min. Adam Vojtěch declared that vaccination is the "final solution," not testing. Yet the debate is nevertheless useful, because it exposes the degree to which Vojtěch and the others in his camp are willing to go to push vaccines that are proving to provide much less protection than initially promised. By no means do the vaccines "put a period" to the coronavirus. As such, it would make sense to look at all options for keeping people healthy, which is exactly what the Supreme Administrative Court thought in a recent ruling on antibodies. Instead of embracing this, Vojtěch said the high court shouldn't comment on such an expert matter. Which was a rather startling thing to hear from a law-school graduate. [ Czech Republic minister inoculation ]

Glossary of difficult words

to embrace - to accept (a belief, theory or change) willingly and enthusiastically;

startling - very surprising, astonishing or remarkable.

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