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In the Confederate States of America, neighboring plantations sometimes shared their slaves if their harvests didn't overlap or if they had an emergency. When relations between neighbors were good, an owner might even allow a slave to marry "abroad," or as the Czechs say, "across the field." Labor Min. Jana Maláčová is concerned about the plight of what she calls modern-day slaves in the CR. She doesn't like how they're brought in by the tens of thousands from Ukraine or other eastern countries, have to take turns sleeping in dormitories and create a public-safety risk. Perhaps it's time to learn from the New World. Covid-related fluctuations in both supply and demand are making it increasingly difficult for companies to plan their staffing. It's a great opportunity to ease the rules for hiring and firing, and even for sharing "slaves" between companies with different production schedules. In the end it would benefit everyone, except those profiting from the slave trade. [ Czech Republic United U.S. Ukrainian foreign ČSSD ]

Glossary of difficult words

to overlap - partly to coincide in time;

plight - a dangerous, difficult or otherwise unfortunate situation.

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