Final Word from Monday, September 27, 2021

Some Czech media outlets referred to this past weekend as a "long weekend" that includes tomorrow's national holiday, even though it technically isn't. Today is a regular work day, but it's true that time has taken on new meaning during the pandemic. People are more easy-going (esp. while working from home in their PJs), less rushed (unless they're behind the wheel of an automobile), and less concerned about showing up on time (if they decide to go anywhere at all). Joe Biden has even been known to delay a press conference by four hours. During and after the evacuation from Afghanistan, it was often noted that the Taliban like to say, "You Americans have the watches, but we have the time." Perhaps that's part of the problem of the modern world. Our watches tell time to the second, when others - like the Chinese - are measuring things in decades or centuries. Some watchmakers (Botta, MeisterSinger, Luch) slow things down by offering single-handed watches that hearken back to the days of the sundial or tower clock. They'll help you get used to covid time; just don't rely on one if you need to catch the tram. [ Czech Republic one-handed president United States pyjamas home office ]

Glossary of difficult words

easy-going - relaxed and tolerant in attitude or manner;

PJs - pyjamas;

to hearken/hark back - to mention, remember, recall or evoke (something from the past).

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