Final Word from Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Just as there are multiple ways to answer the question of who won the Czech parliamentary elections, as we wrote yesterday, there are several ways to look at the issue of invoking Art. 66 of the Constitution to strip the president of his powers. Strictly speaking to do so, the president must be incapable of carrying out his duties. KDU-ČSL Chair Marian Jurečka nevertheless openly threatened to relieve Miloš Zeman of his duties if he made a political decision - while fully in command of his senses - to appoint Andrej Babiš as PM. This attitude explains why some politicians and media have adamantly insisted that Spolu won the elections, despite ANO's one-seat margin. They are seeking legitimacy for what might be a premature power grab and are thereby revealing their true colors as "democrats." Perhaps even needlessly. Before they rush to trample on the Constitution, they should seriously consider the possibility that Babiš would turn down a chance to negotiate a new government. [ Czech Republic Together ANO president ]

Glossary of difficult words

to invoke - to cause (a procedure) to be carried out;

to strip someone of - to deprive someone of;

to relieve someone of - to deprive someone of;

to be in command of one's senses - to be mentally fit;

adamantly - firmly and resolutely;

power grab - an attempt to obtain control over something in an opportunistic or unscrupulous way;

true colors - to show what one is truly like;

to trample on/upon - to treat with contempt.

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