Final Word from Wednesday, October 27, 2021

We live in the era of destruction, during which the Western world is systematically tearing down many of the monuments of its civilization built over generations, some of which were good, and some bad. One of the bad monuments of the Western world in foreign policy is its acceptance of the one-China policy. It's at the base of a succession of events over the past four decades that have allowed China to rise in power and influence without adequate compensation for those who have been sacrificed to make it possible. The jobs are gone and are not coming back. Senate Pres. Miloš Vystrčil of ODS and those egging him on are undermining the one-China policy without attempting to change it. Vystrčil's reception today in Prague of Taiwan's foreign minister, Joseph Wu, is destructive because it plays directly into Beijing's hands, just as does the provocative behavior toward China of the Trump and Biden administrations. Beijing is getting the excuse it needs to increase its aggression. [ Czech Republic president Donald Joe United States of America ]

Glossary of difficult words

succession - a number of people or things of a similar kind following one after the other;

to egg someone on - to encourage someone to do something foolish or risky.

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