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McKinsey & Co. consultants said in a full-page advertisement in the Financial Times on Oct. 29 that it will continue to work with companies that add considerable amounts of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, because companies can't go from brown to green without getting a little dirty. "And if that means some mud gets thrown at McKinsey, we can live with that." If Jan Lipavský of the Pirates, a McKinsey alum, becomes Czech foreign minister, he'll be one of the faces of the EU's Green Deal and will have to live with some mud being thrown at him as rising energy prices drive more and more Czechs into poverty. Lipavský will blame it mainly on Russia and covid, as U.K. Amb. Nick Archer did last night on Czech TV. Andrej Babiš will say Lipavský is crazy and will blame it on the "suicidal" EU climate policy. Most Czechs will believe Babiš. If Pres. Miloš Zeman wants Babiš to succeed him as president, the best gift he could give him is Jan Lipavský as the Green Deal foreign minister. [ Czech Republic Television Company FT former employee New ]

Glossary of difficult words

to throw/sling mud - publicly to say false or bad things about someone (such as a political opponent) in order to harm that person's reputation;

alum - a former pupil or student of a school, college or university; a former employee of an organization.

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