Final Word from Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Viktor Orbán said yesterday in Moscow after his 12th meeting with Vladimir Putin that there is something in politics known as the Hungarian model. "We're members of Nato and the EU," Orbán said, "but we can still maintain excellent relations with Russia. It's possible to do that. What does it require? Mutual respect. Hungary has always received respect from Pres. Putin, and we also show this respect to Russia and to Pres. Putin." Similar talk recently cost a German admiral his job. According to the Czech interior ministry, one of the main narratives of disinformation about Ukraine is that the West isn't united in its approach. By this measurement, the "Hungarian model" could be considered an exception that proves the rule. Orbán sometimes talks a different game from Nato and EU, but he toes the line on sanctions and other key issues. Czech politicians who criticize him might come to appreciate him as someone who, in his own way, is helping to keep war from coming to Europe. [ Czech Republic Hungary Orban European Union Federation president PM ]

Glossary of difficult words

to toe the line - to accept the authority, policies or principles of a particular group, esp. unwillingly.

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