Final Word from Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Czech TV apparently has an agreement with ex-PM Mirek Topolánek not to talk about his employer, Daniel Křetínský. How else to explain why ČT invited Topolánek last night to discuss Russian oil and natural gas but didn't mention that Topolánek works for the very Křetínský company that has management control of Eustream of Slovakia, which imports a large share of Russia's gas into Europe? Topolánek's glaring conflict of interest was all that more interesting because he called for a total ban on imports from Russia, that is if there isn't going to be a no-fly zone. Topolánek's employer imports Russian gas, and he wants to ban all imports of Russian gas? Coincidently, Chair Yuriy Vitrenko of Ukraine's Naftogaz oil & gas company said in FAZ yesterday that Russia can't halt gas deliveries to Europe for technical reasons but that the money for it should be held back until Russia ends the war and pulls out of Ukraine. Is that Topolánek's game? To improve Křetínský's cashflow? [ Czech Republic EPH Television Yuri Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung ]

Glossary of difficult words

glaring - highly obvious or conspicuous;

to hold back - not to allow someone to have something, such as money.


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