Final Word from Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Few people thought that it would be Canada that turned off the Russian natural gas to Europe. The capacity of Nord Stream 1 has been reduced by 40% because of repaired gas turbines that Siemens Energy said got stuck in its factory in Montreal after the Canadian government imposed sanctions on providing technical services to the Russian oil, gas and chemical industries. Kommersant business site of Russia reported that another three such pumping units are nearing their end of life and that there is currently nowhere to take them for repair. Sanctions might end up shutting down not only Nord Stream 2, Kommersant said, but also Nord Stream 1. Czech energy experts aren't very concerned so far, but a 40% reduction in the flow of gas while everyone is trying to fill the storage tanks before winter would no doubt pose a big problem if it lasted long. As PM Petr Fiala said recently, the CR is at the end of the line and needs European energy solidarity. Perhaps sooner than later. [ Czech Republic Ukraine ]

Glossary of difficult words

sooner than later - sooner rather than later; without much delay.


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