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Future PM Petr Fiala said one week after last year's parliamentary elections that he was shocked at how far the Babiš government had allowed things to go in terms of the situation with Bohemia Energy, because there had been signals in the media for several weeks that there were distributors that were having problems. If the elections were not already over, he said, it would be appropriate for Karel Havlíček of ANO to resign as industry minister for failing to provide people with timely information. Rumors began appearing immediately after the elections that the Babiš cabinet in fact knew about the problems of the energy companies before the elections but managed to delay the scandal. Eleven months later, Andrej Babiš is now saying that Fiala, as the PM, is mishandling the energy situation and that if he were in charge he would declare a state of emergency and cap the margins of the energy companies. There are rumors this time that the Fiala government has agreed with ČEZ and E.ON to wait until after this weekend's elections to send out bills at higher rates. If true, a precedent has been set for someone to resign. [ Czech Republic final payments OVM Czech TV Television Moravec EON Michal Šnobr Twitter tweet ]

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