Final Word from Monday, October 31, 2022

The rivalry between ODS and ANO is looking more and more like the two-party confrontation in the U.S. between the Republicans and the Democrats. When PM Petr Fiala tweeted last night that the CR doesn't deserve to have an indicted candidate like Babiš who is seeking the immunity from prosecution afforded to the president, it could have easily been a top Democrat warning against Donald Trump. Babiš's candidacy gives ANO at least a temporary advantage in the rivalry, because ODS doesn't have a clear presidential candidate. It offered lackadaisical support to Pavel Fischer, Danuše Nerudová and Petr Pavel, then Fiala reiterated last week that he doesn't even want Pavel to be elected because he was a Communist. Yet Pavel is ODS's best chance so far to defeat Babiš in this all-important race. Now that Babiš has taken the plunge, ODS should use the next week to decide to truly throw its weight behind one of the candidates ... or to put up Fiala as a contender it can believe in. [ Czech Republic Twitter United States presidential elections ]

Glossary of difficult words

to afford - to provide or supply (an opportunity or facility);

lackadaisical - lacking enthusiasm and determination;

to take the plunge - to commit oneself to a course of action about which one is nervous;

contender - a person or group competing with others to achieve something;

to put up a candidate - to propose someone as a candidate.

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