Final Word from Monday, January 2, 2023

There was a slight shift last night in PM Petr Fiala's New Year's address in how he spoke about the energy caps that had just taken effect. His emphasis was on providing a safety net at a price that the state can afford. "The government cap is not a tool to ensure low electricity and gas prices for all," he said. Just two weeks earlier he had said that his government was "working to ensure that people and businesses have enough energy for which they don't pay multiples of what they do now." Yet even with the caps, most households and businesses will indeed be paying multiples. GM Andrea Gontkovičová of Philip Morris complained in Právo today about high energy costs and spoke of the possibility of relocating production. She used almost the same language seven weeks ago, before the caps for large companies were tentatively agreed. The message at the start of the new year is not very hopeful and seems to be that the battle lines between big business and the Fiala government are still being drawn. [ Czech Republic CR natural ]

Glossary of difficult words

safety net - a safeguard against possible hardship or adversity;

tentatively - provisionally; not certain or fixed.


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