Final Word from Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Donald Trump has rallied the troops in the Republican Party by declaring that he will be arrested today, although it's not clear what in fact will happen. Trump sees it as an effort by the globalists and the Deep State to prevent him from returning to the White House to set the country back on the right course, similar to the way Andrej Babiš considered the Stork's Nest scandal to be a way to force him out of politics. Miloš Zeman can't run for reelection but hinted just before he left office that the effort to discredit his handpicked CNB governor, Aleš Michl, was coming from Petr Pavel's "friend at his side," Petr Kolář. In Zeman's own case, lawyer Radek Pokorný declared on Twitter in Feb. that Zeman & Co. helped to destroy ČSSD and thereby lost their political base. Because of this, Pokorný wrote, they are "completely defenseless" against the "surroundings" and will "pay a high price for this" after they leave the Castle. There are no reports that Zeman paid hush money to a prostitute, as is the case with Trump. Maybe the "surroundings" will be able to find something wrong with the way Zeman paid for his Lány bungalow. [ Czech Republic presidential retreat Czech National Bank Pres. ]

Glossary of difficult words

Correction: Miloš Zeman could in fact run again for president in five years.

to rally - to bring together (forces) again in order to continue fighting;

surroundings - the things and conditions around a person or thing;

hush money - money paid to someone to prevent him or her from disclosing embarrassing or discreditable information.

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