Final Word from Thursday, March 23, 2023

Ex-Finance Min. Miroslav Kalousek will no doubt use some of his time on TV Barrandov tonight with Jaromír Soukup to speak again about the need for a new political party on the right that is fiscally responsible and could meet the needs of 10-15% of voters. He might even hint that he himself could found such a party. He knows something about doing so, he said in early Feb., and it requires a lot of energy, some money, people and a brand. Presidential candidate Danuše Nerudová is just such a brand, he said. She told MFD last week that there's huge demand for her to found a party and that 4-5 people from her campaign team who want to be involved in whatever she does next are still working for her part-time. The rumor is that she would bring funds with her from Penta and that there's a competition for her money and services between Kalousek and Chair Markéta Pekarová Adamová of TOP 09. Kalousek's advantage is that he would gladly make Nerudová his new frontwoman. [ Czech Republic frontman Hovory ]

Glossary of difficult words

fiscal - relating to government revenue, esp. taxes;

frontman/frontwoman - a person who represents an organization and works to make its image more appealing to the public.


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